Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Why are we rejecting Nuclear Power regarding Global Warming

I'm not going to bother debating Global Warming, and the foolish notion it is. For the sake of this commentary, I'm going to pretend that man made global warming actually exists.

Now, what are we supposed to do? We can pretend that by conservation, we can save our way out of the need for energy. That is asinine. We are an energy driven civilization. The difference between the so called first world and the third world is not a political ideology, although a stable democracy would be a huge benefit to them. It is energy. Stable dependable energy makes communication, information exchange, and health for the population. Electrical power is required for civilization today. Stable and cheap electrical power is the answer to individual needs, and provides an environment where production lines, aka factories, can operate and provide jobs.

Jobs for those of you on the left at institutions of higher learning, are what the rest of us do to get money. Jobs also means that more people are working, and producing in a society. Increased production means that individuals expect better education and lives for their children.

In other words, electricity means people have better lives. Now, I ask you folks on the left, and I honestly want to know. If you have the ability to provide cheap and reliable electricity to your public in the form of Nuclear Power, which by the way can be handled safely, why don't you do it? It produces no carbon footprint. It produces no greenhouse gases. Yet the left remains adamantly opposed to the use of this energy source.

If you insist it isn't safe, I offer this as proof. The Navy hasn't had one reactor accident in it's entire history of operations. Not one. Carriers, submarines, all run without incident. Safely.

Storage of the spent material? We have a site now, but you all don't like that site. You want us to guarantee it will be safe there for a thousand years. Impossible.

A thousand years ago, this country wasn't. No one can say that anything will or will be in one thousand years. We can say that the material can be stored and monitored there for quite some time. Yet, you oppose this still.

One can only assume that you oppose higher standards of living. You oppose cleaner air and lower emissions of greenhouse gases. In reality, what you oppose is any capitalism. You oppose anyone making a better life for themselves through hard work.

If you were seriously concerned about Global Warming instead of using the scare of it to come up with new taxes on success, you would be in favor of Nuclear Power. We know you are opposed to the lower greenhouse gas production of Nuclear, so you are really in opposition to modern life for us little people.


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