Saturday, December 08, 2007

Huckabee wanted to treat AIDS like a Contagious Disease

In a move sure to upset people with unused brains between their ears, the Liberals are screaming bloody murder because Huckabee the Candidate for President actually wanted to treat a contagious disease like a contagious disease.

"If the federal government is truly serious about doing something with the AIDS virus, we need to take steps that would isolate the carriers of this plague," Huckabee wrote.

Which of course is actually the first thing you do with any contagious disease. For example, if you have a TB patient you isolate the patient until such time as treatment makes the patient safe to be around, that is to say no longer contagious. Is there any treatment in which an AIDS patient is no longer contagious?

Oh Mr. Conservative you Homophobic hate filled mean old bastard, AIDS can't be transmitted through casual contact silly.

OK, sure. Let's take a fairly common work scene. People are decorating their cubicles for the holidays. Music is playing, listen can't you hear "Save the World?" Now people are smiling and feeling really good.

Bob, a great guy, wonderful man, is standing on his desk, hanging up pictures of Bush which are edited to show Bush holding a lump of coal he got for Christmas screaming "Let's burn it and make more pollution." Bob shifts his footing, a ball point pen under his foot rolls out from under him, causing him to lose his balance. Bob falls screaming "Damn you George Bush." He breaks his arm on the edge of the desk, it's an open fracture, which means the bone is poking through the skin. Blood is right there. Everyone rushes to Bob's side to help him.

Jenny who had a cut on her hand from a cooking accident grabs Bob's arm, transmission is possible in that situation, if admittedly unlikely. I readily admit that the transmission in this example is highly unlikely. You have to admit that transmission is possible, even if you admit it's a one in a million chance, it is possible. I should say if you are even remotely honest you have to admit it's possible.

There is no such thing as a safe contagious patient. We as a people stopped the transmission of the plague only by isolating those with the plague. That is how we have stopped the transmission of any contagious disease. That is the first page of the treatment plan of any contagious disease. From Chicken Pox to Ebola, the first rule is isolation of the patient from the general population.

I have written on this a couple times, the posts are here and here.


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