Friday, November 30, 2007

Initial impressions regarding my Mac

A week ago I posted that I was changing computers. The Mac Mini arrived yesterday, and I've been playing with it for about a day so far. So far, the start up is faster than my Vista desktop from Gateway. Now, this is an interesting comparison. The Vista desktop has the Core two duo at 3 Ghz. with two gigabites of ram. The Mac Mini has the 2 Ghz chips, and half the ram. Yet it renders the video faster and while it was doing a backup I was able to watch the movie 300.

Now, my old printer is not Mac compatible, so I'm shopping around for a new printer, and looking at one that will tie into my Wi-Fi system.

Webpages are fine, although there is a small problem with some pages having issues with the included web browser "safari" which isn't too bad other wise. No locking up of the computer has happened. No lock up issues, and Leopard was installed easily over an hour without any issues so far.

I've only played around in the "office" programs, since I can't print yet, but I'll let you know if I'm disappointed. So far, so good.


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