Wednesday, December 19, 2007

World Food Stocks dwindle.

The United Nations is now warning that there is a serious shortage of food for the worlds population. Thankfully, this is a short term problem. Now, we could do a number of things. We could slash and burn some useless trees and plant crops to feed the world. We can't do that, the environmentalists would literally sue you into submission. We could divert rivers to irrigate deserts so we could grow food in otherwise barren areas.

We can't do that, first if we do something like that, then we'll be taking away the breeding ground of the blue breasted wiggle waggle fish. Imagine our future without the wiggle waggle fish.

Now, we obviously cant farm, or harvest. Imagine if we could, why, we could feed the world. Instead, we'll just have to sit back and watch people die horribly from starvation because we can't do anything to save them, it might be bad for a kangaroo mouse somewhere. This is the world that the Liberals have made, one where a kangaroo mouse is more important than the human beings. I can't imagine a world without a kangaroo mouse either. Of course, I couldn't really say what the kangaroo mouse is doing for the world either.


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