Friday, January 08, 2010

Tis the week for painfully obvious

The problem with hype is this. Eventually, the hype falls flat in the light of reality.

President Obama's hair is going gray, no surprise, since his administration is on a run of a years worth of absolute failure. But let's look at the painfully obvious realizations that were made in the last week.

After a year's worth of "unexpectedly high" unemployment numbers, the press is starting to squirm when told that this weeks numbers are also "unexpectedly high."

Every single week for the last year, the experts have been supposedly surprised by the high unemployment numbers. We in the public have been less surprised, we've been expecting those higher numbers every week, and we know those high numbers are only a very small part of the total unemployed. Now, it's refreshing that the AP has finally figured it out. Next week, expect the numbers to be just as unexpected.

On the national security front, the administration was shocked, shocked mind you, that the people who haven't liked us, and have been attacking us since 1979, still don't like us, and still want to attack us.

Apparently the administration believed their own hype, that if we elected President Obama, that the world would shower us with love. Mr. President, that yellow stuff they're showering you with isn't sunshine.

So what is the plan? The plan is to use those whole body scanners, you know the ones that probably wouldn't have seen the explosives that the Eunuch Bomber had on him anyway. No one has asked the admin this, but perhaps someone will now.

To counter the privacy concerns, the admin is explaining that the photographs of buck nekkid people like this one, will be computer adjusted to blur the parts that you would object to. In other words, the areas normally associated with bathing suits.
Yet, if those areas are blurred, how can we see the explosives carried in someones underwear? The obvious answer is, that we couldn't.
So those areas wouldn't be blurred would they? If they aren't blurred, and my 16 year old daughter goes through the scanner, does that mean that the Federal Government is producing Kiddie Porn? It would be kiddie porn if I took that picture, and I would rightfully go to prison for a very long time.
So many questions, and no answers forthcoming from those in the administration, just more of the same old song and dance. "We have to do this to be safe." Guys, the painfully obvious reality of the Bush Admin is this. The panic sell didn't work to keep him in office in 2006 and didn't win McCain the election in 2008.
Final Painfully obvious observation of the week. Democrats are now admitting that they should have waited on Health Care and addressed things like the economy, and national security first. No kidding? Now you figure that out? Now you figure out that double digit unemployment is not a sign that the economy is getting better? Now a year into your control of all three branches of Government, you finally get the idea that the economy, and national security matter?
Apparently it is the week of the painfully obvious, and I thought I'd highlight these few examples. Next we're going to hear how it's really cold in the winter, and really hot in the summer.


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