Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Why I don't feel bad supporting O'Donnell

My friends, I don't feel bad having sent money to the O'Donnell campaign, because of one simple reason. I have said it before, and I'll say it again. I would rather have a Democrat in the seat than a RINO. The reason is obvious, a RINO we can't do much about, they will betray us, take our plans and destroy them all in the name of moderation. We can't do anything about it, until it's time to beat them in the Primary.

Yet, a Democrat, we can defeat. We can defeat them, make them part of the Minority, if not this election, then in 2012. We can defeat them, and marginalize them, and take their power from them. A RINO we can't do anything about as they constantly betray our principals. Ask Senator Snowe, or any of the others like Lindsey Graham. Republicans who support Cap and Trade, despite it's effect on our economy. Republicans who support Amnesty, and call us Racists for not joining them in their support for something that 70% of the nation opposes.

No, I'll take an honest defeat, over a bad victory any day. Give me forty good solid Conservatives, and I'll be much happier than I would be with fifty Republicans, twelve of whom are RINO's in the Senate.


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