Monday, November 08, 2010

Revolt begins against Airport Security

Those airport scanners that I have long railed against, which is available here, here, here, and here. Not to mention the most recent post which showed the abusive pat downs which seemed to focus on the sexual areas of the subjects bodies which was a small part of this post.

Well, the revolt has begun. Not only are people like me, and many others like me, refusing to fly primarily due to the invasive searches supposedly for our own security, but now the Airplane Pilots are refusing to participate in the full body scanners. That just means that they'll have to endure the groping hands of the so called security professionals.

This follows the great news a few months ago of the European Airports refusing to allow the privacy invading full body scanners to be used.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I last flew over a year ago, when my Mother was on life support in Intensive Care. I hated every moment of it. The moronic security regulations did not make me feel safer, and in fact, none of the airplane attempts have been foiled by these security regulations. Seriously, the shoe bomber was foiled by passengers, not the multiple layers of security who all asked him diligently if he'd packed his own bags. The security was probably busy patting down preteen girls and boys or little old ladies instead. The panty bomber was similarly foiled by passengers after his explosive mix mis fired and created a crotch fire that made all the jock itch in the world seem minor.

None of the hundreds of thousands of special agents, spies, computer analysts, and security specialists were of any use in these cases. They did prevent Joe Foss, famed World War II combat pilot from taking his Medal of Honor on the airplane for your safety.

If you want to be safer, the very first thing we should do is fire everyone, from top, to bottom, at the Transportation Security Administration. I think the airports can do the job just as poorly, without all the overly intrusive nonsense, using the same airport police who now stand around watching the TSA fools rummage through the attractive women's carry on luggage.

UPDATE: Instead of starting another new post on the abuses of the inaptly named TSA, I decided to include a couple more links here.

First, the TSA swears they're not fondling, or groping, despite the pictures, and reports that show contact that could be described no other way.

And finally we have the story of a passenger who objected to being groped being handcuffed to a chair, and her ticket destroyed in retaliation for her belief her body is hers.


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