Monday, January 11, 2010

Trust us, we're not lying

Anyone who's ever watched Court TV or been in a court room knows how things go. The Prosecutor presents video, testimony, and explanations to the jury to explain that the defendant did do whatever he was accused of. Cop reality shows which show the dashboard video footage are all the rage on Television. Security camera's and video are often shown to the public so the people can see what really happened.

But we're told that these body penetrating ionized X-Ray's which produce pictures like this aren't going to be saved, or kept.

OK, let me get this straight. The vital chain of evidence is not going to be kept in the case of someone who is shown in one of these pictures as hiding a weapon, or an explosive? The chain of evidence which gives the law enforcement probable cause to initiate an additional search, or make an arrest, is going to be destroyed?
I guess you expect me to believe that right? Please tell me that you don't really expect me to swallow that lie.
My problem with this is obvious. I've yet to find an authority or power that the Government has given itself, that it hasn't yet abused or misused. National Security letters for example, which I have denounced more than once, were to be used only in cases where time did not permit a proper warrant application. It was the defense against the "ticking time bomb" scenario. So it was to be used sparingly right? OK, so sparingly is tens of thousands of times per year. Roughly 100 times a day, the FBI was serving people with these National Security Letters, to investigate ticking time bombs? Hello, how many ticking time bomb scenarios are you people looking at over there?
Allowing the Government to take this power, and trusting them to "Police themselves" is beyond foolish, it's another nail the the coffin that contains the remnants of our privacy.
I vote no. I vote no and have already decided never to fly again. I vote no and will not fly until or unless Big Brother decides that invading my privacy and giving extra random searches to every good looking blond girl is not the way to guarantee security and safety. I'll be taking my car from now on.


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