Friday, November 19, 2010

Birth or Not

I was reading the links on Drudge Report this afternoon, and found among the links to stories about the TSA groping the population in a way that has every closet case unidentified sexual predator salivating and applying for jobs at the local airports another story worth mention.

The story is this. A couple has learned that they are Pregnant, and are facing the decision to have the child, obviously unplanned, or abort the fetus. So being the modern era, they started a blog, and have put the decision up to the people who read the blog via a vote.

Now, I'm a Conservative, and as a Conservative, feel that life is a gift we should honor and respect. Thus, I am going to shock many of you when I give you this answer. Abort that fetus.

I know, Adoption is a good answer, but if a couple is so flaky that they would even consider putting this decision up to voters on a blog, can you count on them to follow through on a promise to give the child up for adoption?

We are talking about a life, a child. One who is going to be dependent upon them for years. The level of care for a child is extremely high, and if the child in question means so little, you would put it's existence up to a vote online, you should not be a parent.

At the moment, a vast majority of the votes are for giving birth, but I would expect as you do, that most of those votes are for give birth, and give up for adoption. Just from reading the story, and the blog, I would have serious questions if this couple is suited for caring for a child. Perhaps we could substitute something else for a child, like a fish, perhaps a Beta fish. It won't take up much space, and care for it should take less than an hour a week. If they manage to keep the fish alive for a set period of time, say six weeks, we'll let them move up the chain to a more difficult pet, like a Hamster.

Of course, that may well be cruelty to animals, so perhaps we shouldn't do that after all.

Perhaps I should start another vote, all those in favor of taking the child, and giving these parents a goldfish say "Aye".

EDIT: My previous mentions of Abortion are here.


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