Wednesday, August 04, 2010

But they promised

The Federal Government when they rushed to put the clothing penetrating X-rays in every nook and cranny they could, swore up and down that they weren't going to keep those images. They promised the American People that the images wouldn't be kept. We already knew that they were making off color comments about the images, we knew that because one of them got angry about it.

Now, it's come out that the Government IS keeping those buck nekkid pictures that they swore they wouldn't keep. What what were the odds of that happening?

Well most of us knew that it would happen, we read the procurement specs, which clearly stated that there must be a mechanism for storage of the images, and for high speed transfer of the images on the network.

But why aren't we surprised that they were lying again? Now, will anyone be fired for this? No. Will anyone be forced to resign in disgrace? No. Will they be promoted? Probably. Just to remind you of what kind of pictures we heard they will not be keeping, these totally innocuous pictures look something like this.


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