Saturday, November 27, 2010

Terrorist located, encouraged, and then thwarted in Oregon

While simultaneously shutting down the internet's music sharing sights, which is a great proof that the FBI doesn't need expanded powers in that fight, so Congress can shelve that legislation don't you think? The FBI also managed to "thwart" a bombing at the Portland Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. I put thwart in quotations because they had long ago identified the suspect, and procured dummy explosives for him, and helped him build the bomb. It's unclear if the FBI also helped him drive the car, dress, and eat his last meal as a free man. They almost certainly had to help wipe his mouth.

Now, this 19 year old dolt, who apparently had the desire all by himself, but I wonder, was according to the article, which shows just how dumb Mohamed Osman Mohamud really is. First, he was identified by emailing a guy in Pakistan. Then the combined weight of every State, County, Federal law enforcement, including I think a couple Park Rangers were spun up to catch this lone lame lion.

So our extremely dangerous wannabe terrorist was so determined, that the FBI had to send in an undercover operative to hold this guys hand, and help him get the bomb making materials, and then show him how to put the explosives together. I think we've seen this kind of determination before.

Oh well, good job guys. You spent hundreds of thousands of man hours, hundreds of millions of dollars, to catch a dunce. The really good news, is that apparently the recruits our enemies are left to snatch up are even dumber than this dolt.


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