Monday, November 08, 2010

Overbearing Law Enforcement

Recently, Mrs. Conservative and I were discussing Law Enforcement, and how overbearing and thuggish the police have become. We discussed things we've seen, like just about ever Black man in an expensive car being pulled over. We talked about Airport Security thugs doing things that would get anyone else thrown in jail.

We talked about how the Black Community is regularly treated like criminals, Guilty until Proven Innocent. How their treatment is significantly different than the Whites at the hands of law enforcement. My beloved wife said that this was outrageous, and I agree. After all, it is the 21st Century, and the lame excuses from the Police are wearing thin.

So today I learn that back in August, Florida Police began checking to see if Barbers had their licenses, in Black barber shops. First they swarmed the establishment, placed all the barbers on the ground, in handcuffs, got the customers out of the barbershop, and then demanded that the barbers admit to dealing drugs, and other major offenses. Those who's license's were expired were arrested, and taken to jail. Seriously, I'm not making that up. Arrested for an expired barber's license.


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