Monday, March 16, 2009

Don't Enlist. Do Not Re-Enlist

When I was in the Army, we were taught the mistakes we had made in the past, and the policies that these mistakes have led to. 

We don't leave our injured or dead behind. We take them with us, we leave no one behind period. We will not have any unaccounted for casualties period. This is a direct result of the Missing men from our historical wars, including Viet-Nam. 

Another policy, we will take care of our troops. We will care for one another, and we will not tolerate anyone who does not care for the soldiers in command. When I enlisted, and even when I re-enlisted, and when I got my Honorable Discharge after nine  years of service, I believed that the Army would care for their troops. I believed the country would care for their troops. I left to pursue other opportunities, to make way for the younger, hard charging troops that I had led as a Sergeant. 

I have advised several young people, male and female, to consider the Military. Telling them the truth of my own service, and my own experiences. Now, for the first time in my life, I am advising people NOT to enlist. That's right. The military should not be an option for you dear citizen reader. It should be rejected as a potential for post high school employment or career. 

My advise is simple, don't enlist. Don't re-enlist if you're now currently in. Run, don't walk, from the Military as quickly as you legally can. 

Now, I know what my fellow conservatives will say. They will say I've betrayed the code of Conservative thought. That I am supposed to love, and defend this country. I do, and I have defended this country. I'm supposed to love our troops, the men and women risking life, and limb to serve this nation. I do love and respect them. That is why I feel morally bound to advise this extreme course of action. Don't enlist, and don't re-enlist. 

My reasons? I am troubled by the reports that President Obama wishes to submit our troops to the International Criminal Court. That however is not enough to cause me to make the above recommendation. No, that is not enough by far. 

Today however, I've read enough, and therefor I must, must make that suggestion. Hot Air highlighted the reports earlier, that the US Government wanted to bill private insurance companies for treatments given to Vet's for service related injuries and care. Yes, you read that right. The Obama Administration want's to throw our troops under the bus, and leave their long term care to the whims of an insurance company while we as a Nation even now consider Universal Health Care, but apparently not for the bravest among us. 

Like you, I found this so amazingly ill conceived, that I imagined it was a trial balloon, floated just so it could be shot down. I was wrong. Hot Air followed up on this story by highlighting the meeting of the Commander of the American Legion with President Obama. The report, you bet Obama is serious about this, he thinks he can save the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. 

So what would be the result? Veterans would become poison pills to companies already buried under rising health care costs, and they would not be hired if anyone else could be found for the job. Veterans would be leading the unemployment lists in other words. 

The fact that we're turning our backs on our Veterans is incredible, and we're doing so pretending it's the smart thing to do. It is absolutely wrong. It is absolutely immoral, and unthinkable. 

So the nation chooses to break faith with the Military men and women, then the Nation is not deserving of their sacrifice. If I am untrustworthy, you would be ill advised to be my friend. If I have promised to betray you in the future, you would be unwise to work for me. 

My friends, I'm sorry to say, but if you join the Military now, you will, not may, will absolutely be betrayed by the Government you swear an oath to risk your life for. They have just promised to do that very thing, betray you. 

If you are in the Military now, please begin to consider options for your future careers out of the military. If you are considering joining the Military, please consider other employment options. Consider a trade school, or a skill training program. Please don't allow yourself to be betrayed by the Government that may ask the ultimate sacrifice from you. 

I am writing this, and saying this because I do respect the service you give to this nation. I respect the level of duty that you feel towards this nation. I understand the desire to serve this nation, and it's people. They would be worthy if they lived up to the promises given in the past. Instead, I believe they will live up to this new promise, using you like a rag, and then throwing you away. 

I can't just sit here mute. I feel honor bound to tell you of my advice in this matter. 


Anonymous Flynn said...

Actually, as a conservative, it is NOT something to be surprised that you not recommend others to enlistment, and I don't judge it as being unpatriotic. There is, however, a moral covenant between a country and the those who would risk life and limb to defend it; that sacred pact cannot form by the foreknowledge that your sacrifice of blood will not be repaid- no blood covenant can exist. Moreover, War is defined as "politics by other means", and "violence that is affected for the furtherance of a political end." I find no disconnect in loving your country-with all that entails- yet not contributing the policy (politics) of a particular Administration where no covenant can exist between it's constituents and themselves.

By the way, thanks for your service.

10:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Followed the link from HotAir. I agree with you that Obama will betray the soldiers, just as liberal Presidents often do. However, given that somebody's going to get betrayed no matter what, if one doesn't enlist then that means somebody else is going to bear that burden in their place. Each person who enlists may be sparing someone else.

12:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I served and am proud of my service most of the time I loved it but there was one group I was with where the treatment was horrible we were set up by our tsgt and punished constantly and severly includeing confinement up to 30 days he had me confined 30 days for being sick and asking for help he started harassing me and wrighting me up it took him 3 months to get enough writeups on me we call it catch 22 they will get you if they waunt to it ended fast once the officers realized what was hapening but he went nuts for about 5 months and even had 2 discharged I was taken out of this outfit and was treated well the rest of my time eventhough I still had a health problem I refused to reup and have done well in the suvilian world due largely to my military time I never asked for help with my health again while I was in didnt dare I just managed as best I could I did have a problem quite serious a heriditary thing that can be controled but I cant tell kids to enlist in a system that has no respect for the low ranks this kind of thing shouldnt happen they dont realize people get sick there not machiens this tsgt was punished but that didnt help me if you go in you beter hope you dont get a bitter nut as a sgt

6:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you; I'm a female currently training very hard to meet a male's fitness test (trying to be the best soldier I can). Since the Tuition Assistance was taken away from the Army I have been having doubts.... How far or for what purpose exactly? I wonder. Now I'm not very motivated and that is beyond the contract now scars me a bit, what else will change?. Sad to say, I don't think my service (if I enlist) will be appreciated even if I try my very best. For the record I've always wanted to be in the military, I am 23 years of age; wanting to make my family, country, and ,myself proud, seeking discipline and self confidence. I am at the moment doubting the Army can do this for me.

11:56 PM  
Blogger Max Conservative said...

Anon Female Soldier. The military is now and has been for many years, a political pawn. Everyone in Washington, on both sides, lies about it. The Secretary of Defense claims that any cuts to any funds will severely hamper the military. Really? We are supposed to believe that there isn't one ounce of waste anywhere in the Military? So the Political Appointees are cutting things that are public, and doing so to make the Republicans look like they don't care about the Military men and women. Then Senator Reid says that those Marine's who died in a training accident did so because the Republicans won't raise taxes.

The Republicans aren't much better, they lie and claim they love the troops, but how many of their kids are encouraged to join? Not Junior, Junior is going to be a member of my old Lawfirm Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe.

Get out, Get out while you can, while your body and mind are in one piece.

6:20 AM  

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