Thursday, March 05, 2009

President Obama emulates worst traits of former Presidents

First, he's destroying the economy much like the President that they name most often as his inspiration, FDR. The New New Raw Deal is likely to prolong the Depression just as it's namesake, the New Raw Deal did in the 1930's. 

Like Nixon, he's created an enemies list, and actively works to marginalize the people on that list. Now, I have to ask our Libs out there. Are you happy with what Obama is doing? Is this the Change you Hoped for? 

In the first two months, he's done everything you accused the Bush Admin of doing over a period of eight years, not less than eight weeks, and still you support  him? He's using tactics that History has panned, denigrated, and denounced. Yet, you still back the President in these activities? 

This isn't about race, and the color of the President's skin. This is about policy. Policy that is good for America, or Policy that is bad for America. Having a President who maintains an enemies list and puts people on it that are vocal about the mistakes and excesses that the Government takes is not Change, it is the old school Chicago Thug style of Politics. The Change would be in leaving that behind. 

President Jimmy Carter had a higher Approval Rating two months into his administration than President Obama has now. President Carter, generally considered to be one of the Worst Presidents in History, had a higher approval rating than President Obama does now. Do you realize what that means? It means that this President is in fact, Historic. We're going to see new lows of performance by an administration, and new highs of public discontent. 

Anyone who opposes the Policies of the President is labeled an enemy. Not just Rush Limbaugh either. There are others, who oppose the economic policies of the President, and have been targeted by the ultimate Bully Pulpit for destruction. Again I ask the Liberals who view this, is this the Change you Hoped for? 

As we slide towards Socialism, I have to wonder what we hope to gain? Not a better economy, Venezuela is demonstrating yet again that a centrally planned economy is a guaranteed failure. It succeeds only in making everyone equally miserable, and apparently hungry as well as bereft of electricity

We elected the most Socialistic of the candidates, and we're getting the change we were warned about. I'm not surprised, are you?


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