Thursday, March 12, 2009

House Passes good Resolution. Encourage them to do more.

Finally taking a break from screwing up the economy, or paying off political campaign debts to contributers, the Congress has passed a resolution I can for one, get behind. They passed a resolution recognizing March 14th, as Pi day. Yeah, that circle thing, 3.14 is pi right

Now, you may wonder why I am so happy about this, and want Congress to do more of it? Simple. The fixes they have proposed to screw up the economy, and to destroy the health care industry are incredibly moronic. Yet, they have the power to do just that. Ban firearms? You betcha they want to. However, if they spend all their time doing terribly chic and utterly inconsequential things like this, then they won't be screwing up the nation any more than they have. So I am encouraging the Congress to do just this, pursue all the little things you want, that don't screw up the country. Put Porculus II on the back burner, we have other things to consider, like ATM fees, don't we need another round of hearings on ATM fees? It's been a long time since we considered those types of things hasn't it? 

How about Campaign Finance Reform? I mean, it's been almost eight years since we passed McCain Feingold, don't we need to consider Campaign Finance Reform? Isn't that far more important to the American People than say giving the workers of the nation over to harassment, intimidation, and coercion by Union Thugs via Card Check

Come on Congress, keep this kind of thing up, and we just might survive the Jimmy Carter second term under President Obama. 

Of course, since Vice-President Biden is now in charge of Recovery, Accountability, and Transparancy, including a newly named panel, or board to help him oversee it. You know it's going to be a whole new Government right?

Yes, Vice President Biden is now in charge of the RAT board. You can't make this kind of thing up. Apparently they are so busy in Washington creating new departments and panels that they never stopped to consider that one for more than a second. 

Now you know why I want more things like Pi day out of Congress. While stupid, it does at least make us as a nation look less like a collection of short bus kids than the RAT board headed by VP Biden. 


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