Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Octopus arms reaching for your arms.

The danger of the octopus is not only that it has a strong arm, but that it has eight such arms to grasp it's prey with. IN this case, the giant Octopus is the Government, and it's prey, is your guns. I've previously blogged on the comments of the Attorney General who said that the Administration would implement the Assault Weapons ban. You know, the ban that didn't reduce violence in the nation? Yeah, that ban. The one that prohibited scary looking weapons, since Fully Automatic Weapons have been banned for seventy years. 

First, the Department of Defense changed policy to require that all brass from fired shells be mutilated as part of the surplus sale. What this means is that the Military Brass, which is never reloaded for Military use, is sold to other companies that do reload, for civilian use. Those uses include law enforcement and marksmanship training programs. This brass is valuable, worth about $2.40 per pound as long as it is in the form of usable shell cases. As just scrap brass, it's worth about $.20 per pound. Yes, you read that right, the Military recoups some of its expense by selling things it can't use anymore, like these spent shells. 

I want to take a moment and confirm that these are empty brass cases, not live ammunition. They have to be reconditioned, and reloaded, before they are live shells again. 

So why would the Department of Defense change policies on this profitable sale and instead require all the brass to be mutilated to the point it couldn't be reloaded? To create or exacerbate an ammunition shortage in the civilian market apparently. 

This policy after being brought to light and some questions being asked, has been reversed, but why was it put into place in the first place? Could it be symptomatic of a Second Amendment Detesting Administration? It could.

After the attacks on September 11, 2001, the people of this nation took almost a year to convince the Government that we wanted the pilots to have weapons for their own, as well as all of our defense. The Department of Transportation objected, and they looked asinine as hell explaining how dangerous it would be if a Terrorist was able to get his hands on the gun secured in the cockpit of the aircraft. Yes, the danger is that after the Terrorist has taken over the plane, he might shoot out the window of the plane as he flies it into a building. 

Yet, since taking office, the Obama Administration has essentially shut down the training and certification process, thus leaving us again at the mercy of the terrorists. Why would they do this? Is their hatred of an armed populace so great as to cause them to demand we're all defenseless from the slobbering beasts who want to fly our planes into buildings killing 3,000 of us? This program was the last line of defense, and was voluntary for the pilots, not required. 

Now, it's gone, and with it that last line of defense that we as citizens fought so long, and hard, to get. Adios last line of defense, I hope that the Terrorists are tripped up by the "Have you packed your own bag?" question at the screening point. 

Ok, so what else on the civil defense front could give us all pause to consider? How about Military Police Soldiers being sent by no one knows who, to do no one knows what, in the streets of an Alabama town. Yes, I know, Posse Commitatus. They can't do that, but guess what, they did. The Provost Martial was apparently also there, commanding 22 soldiers of the Fort Rucker Military Police in the streets of Alabama during the publicized shooting spree there

The Military has no authority outside of the Fort. They have no jurisdiction. The whole reason for the Posse Commitatus act was to prevent some Military Jaunta from firing up. 

Now, for the Conspiracy Theory minded among you. Is it possible that someone jumped the gun, deciding that the shooting spree while a horrible tragic event, was really phase one of some insurrection and the Military executed prepared orders for such an event? 

It is as plausible an explanation as any that is being offered by the Military. That explanation is that they don't know who sent them, and they don't know who requested them, and they have no idea what 22 soldiers, who may, or may not have been armed, were doing securing any civilian areas in a small Alabama town. 

The arms of this Octopus are pretty big, and seem to be reaching everywhere. 


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