Thursday, February 26, 2009

Of course we're coming for your guns. Silly Citizen

In an astoundingly stupid move, Attorney General Holder announced the Obama Administrations decision to ban "Assault Rifles" as they did in 1994, and make this ban permanent. 

Seriously, with everyone complaining about the size, scope, and intrusions of the Federal Government, you want to go ahead and launch this today? With people boggled at the audacity of hopelessness in a proposed $1.15 Trillion deficit for the year 2010, you want to go after "Assault Rifles" today?

The Obama Administration is off the chain already. They're losing it already. Even Clinton waited until 1994 to go after guns, and spent two years trying to sell it to the American People. The fact that the hype was all lies, well that's another story right Socialist Libs?

Well, good news is the Republicans have a rallying cry to get the Conservatives and Gun Owners up in arms and out to the polls on election day in 2010. No more big government, no on the Assault Weapons Ban. Great news President Obama, you've given your opponents ammunition to oppose you. 

I think I'll add this to the list of change I can't believe in. 


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