Saturday, May 27, 2006

Jesse Macbeth: you aren't in the Army now

The great thing about a liar is even when caught in an obvious lie, they won't stop digging the hole deeper and deeper.

My Father once commented that when a fool is determined to do something stupid, get out of his way. Well I am getting out of the way of Jesse Macbeth nee Jesse Al Zaid.

When denounced as a fraud by the plethora of online ex-military folks out there, Jesse decided that some proof was required, and set about defending his good name, such as it was. Jesse provided to the online blogging world his Discharge Form and it makes for some entertaining reading. I am going to advise any future forgers, and help those aspiring to become a phony anything. When forging documents, try and spell check the forgery to save yourself additional humiliation.

Jesse, at this point, the truth may not save you, but surely nothing else will serve you in any way.

UPDATE: McQ has the original document here


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