Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Congress up for control

More and more commentary pieces are out every day that demonstrate the reality of the mid term election cycle. Congress is literally up for control, between Democrats, and Republicans. I will even go so far as to concede it's between Liberals and Republicans, but I won't call it a battle between Conservatives and Liberals. The main reason is too many Republicans aren't conservative where it counts, when the vote is cast.

Republicans aren't doing the job we hired them to do. We campaigned for them, we donated money to them, and we voted for them. Ann Coulter had an article a couple weeks ago in which she correctly diagnosed the problem. Conservatives need a 12 step plan for manhood.

Even the Republican Party admits it's in trouble approaching this election. They are looking at being thrown from power by the electorate and continue the policy of unilateral surrender to Liberals at every turn. The French tried this at we all know the result of this policy of Unilateral Surrender. You would think that History would only need to teach us a lesson once, however we seem to ignore this obvious lesson, and instead focus on being liked.

I happen to live in a district in Georgia where John Barrow is our Congressman. I have no love for the Democratic Party, with obvious exceptions like Zell Miller although I have fewer issues with Representative Barrow than I do with Republicans in general at the moment. Congressman Barrow voted to help protect Firearms Manufactures from frivolous lawsuits. Hardly a platform Democratic Position. Barrow voted for the PATRIOT ACT despite obvious and stiff pressure from the DNC to oppose it. I can find plenty of Republicans who voted against that legislation. I won't pretend I agree with any Politician, I won't pretend I agree with anyone 100% of the time. I have disagreed with John Barrow more than once, and written him with my concerns, thoughts, and beliefs. When he disagrees with my principals, he tells me that he does, and tells me why. I respect anyone who disagrees with me, and tells me WHY, in answer to my letter. While I am honestly undecided in the race in this district. Max Burns is running for his old seat, I will give both an honest and open look.

My obvious problem is while I don't wish to see Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, and her tendency for far left wing lunacy, I also respect Congressman Barrow. As I said, I haven't decided who to vote for, because the issue to me is the issues. I don't vote for someone just because he or she has an (R) after their name. I don't oppose someone just because of the (D) after their name, although it's much harder not to.

It would be much easier to view this election in a positive manner if our Republicans were giving us something to vote for. We haven't seen any demonstrable Conservative Ideals put forth. The Senate folded like a house of cards on Immigration. Representative Hastert (R) was outraged that a Congressman had his office searched WITH A WARRANT. It's getting harder and harder to find a CONSERVATIVE in Congress. You would think that with the Republicans in control of both the House and the Senate, that we would see Conservatives spiking the ball on every Sunday talk show about the latest legislation. Instead, our Beltway Conservatives are running around denouncing each other for being too harsh.

If the Republicans lose in November, and the lunatics take control of the Asylum, then the Republicans can blame their consistent and obvious desire to be a "Maverick" or "Moderate" which doesn't win elections. Conservatism works, and the Majority of the People know it.


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