Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Conspiracy Theory Loons

Ok, every couple months, another one of these conspiracy theory dolts makes the news, or another website is set up claiming to have "figured it all out". As I roll my eyes, and wonder what these people have between their ears, I have to wonder why they don't learn something about the subject before they speak? Forgive my mistake, that would be reasonable, and responsible to research the information.

This one was set in motion by a posting on Hot Air about the Penn and Teller show "Bullshit".

Most popular theory, Demolitions. The Conspiracy theory loons like to claim that the only possible answer is a planned and controlled demolition of the building.

I was once in the Army, a Combat Engineer which is now identified as a 21B, but was once called a 12B. Among other jobs we did, Demolitions was required training and we learned that skill quite well. Before I left the Engineers, I was a 12B2P which means a Combat Engineer, Sergeant, Paratrooper.

In answer to the Demolition theory, I always have one thought. We were taught, and it was explained to us in great detail, why you are careful with explosives. They don't react well to things like impact, fire, jarring. The initiation or firing systems must be treated carefully. They are very easy to damage to the point that they won't fire.

I am unable to name one single system, both explosive and the firing system, that would survive fire, impact, and the resulting physical damage that existed at the WTC. All explosives burn, you can, and I have cooked coffee over burning C-4 explosive. Not one explosive would have lasted a handful of minutes, much less an hour, exposed to the heat of the resulting fire at the WTC attack. No known explosive would have survived long enough to be "Detonated" and any firing system would have been damaged to the point where it would not have functioned.

I could spend the next thirty minutes and describe all the known and available demolition firing systems, and describe how they would fail due to one, or more, of the various factors that MUST exist in the situation. I think you get the basic point however, that even IF the firing system managed to dodge the flying debris of the impact, and heat of the fire, the explosives wouldn't have existed to be detonated by the firing system.

If you would like to take the time, to find out what really happened, ignore the conspiracy theory sites, and watch a SCIENTIFIC and ENGINEERING based documentary. Why the Towers Fell and Anatomy of a Collapse are both good descriptions of the event. I have seen both, and will recommend both of them, without reservation, to anyone who wishes to learn more about that sad day in our history.


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