Sunday, May 23, 2010

Republicans will rue the rule of law. Again.

OK, it's time for another Newsweek (For sale because apparently nobody buys the magazine) doom for the Republicans story. In one of the inexplicable trends that seems to emanate from the Mainstream Press there are never any stories about why the Democrats need to be big tent people, and consider opposing views. Yet, every single story about Conservative/Republicans is always how they are alienating the rest of the world with their radical ideals.

In the article, it's explained that the Republicans are going to lose big, perhaps not in November, but soon after that, because of the blatantly racist law in Arizona. As opposed to the Blatantly Racist Pennsylvania 12 win by the Democrats. (As an aside, why did the Republicans want to win that one? I mean, according to Jack Murtha his district was racist right?) I'm sure that Newsweek had the story written that the Racist Republicans had won in the Racist district. I mean, PA 12 was the only district in the country to vote for the Democrats in the House and State races, and the Republicans in the Presidential, which is why Murtha said that the region was Racist in the first place.

Now, back to the idea that Republicans will rue the day that Arizona passed the twenty page law that nobody in Washington DC has read. Understandable I guess, when you consider that they don't read the laws they pass, that they wouldn't read the laws that someone else passes. Of course, this hasn't stopped those folks including the President from denouncing the law, either stating outright, or alluding to it being Racist.

Despite the fact, undeniable to anyone who's read it, that it merely instructs the police to enforce the law, including a Federal Law that permits local police to do just what Arizona just told them to do, check for legal documentation stating the identity of an individual when they are stopped and questioned regarding the investigation of another crime. Yes, it's a Federal Law that you have to have identification on you at all times folks.

Now, this continues despite the polling numbers that show 70% of the people approve of the law. Yes, you read that right. Seventy percent approve of Arizona instructing their police to actually enforce the law.

Yet, you never hear the reverse. How the open boarders crowd will suffer in both public opinion, and in the polls when repeat offenders of our already lax immigration laws commit heinous crimes upon our citizens. This story, the son of a gun had been deported nine times. 9 bloody times he'd been deported before he was arrested in the act of raping a woman in a trash dumpster.

So Newsweek, will stories like that hurt the immigration reform folks? Will they suffer at the polls for wanting these kinds of people in our communities?

For the record, what do I want on the boarder? Simple, a big wall, people with machine guns, shoot on sight orders. A virtual free fire zone that has the simple rules, no questions asked if someone gets shot. AT THE SAME TIME. I want immigration points, where people can come legally to our nation. They can come to those points, and go through an Ellis Island like process where we confirm their criminal history, and reject those criminals before they join us. Where we can insure that the people who wish to join us are healthy, and carrying no communicable diseases, and where we can explain to the future citizens of this nation the general rules that they're expected to follow.

How fast they can be processed, depends on the co-operation of their home nations, and how quickly we can get the lab results back on normal blood screening tests. This has been my opinion for a very long time.

Once these processing stations are set up, then there is no reason to come here illegally unless you are intending to commit more crimes, in which case, it's open season, with no bag limit as far as I am concerned.


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i read this article twice and its great!

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