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Who decides who is a Feminist

One of my major problems with Religious beliefs is that each place of worship, regardless of faith, defines itself by who isn't going to be graced by God. In other words, if you go to a Catholic Church, only the Catholics will be saved when Judgement comes. You could plug in any religion, and get the same result, I won't, mainly because the post would be fifty pages long on the practices of religion.

There is a curious trend about society these days. The denunciation of people who don't live up to the ideals as the speaker sees them, of a term. I readily admit that I partake in this practice. I denounced John McCain many times for his phony Conservatism. However, that was based upon his own statements, and his own actions, and his self styled Maverick label.

Conservative to me is closer to Libertarian, in other words, more freedom, more liberty, less government. Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms should be a convince store, not a Government agency in my mind.

Now, to Feminism. Wikipedia and the Dictionary agree generally, that the term Feminism refers to the pursuit of social, economic, and cultural equality of women. This certainly equates with the start of Feminism, however it has been corrupted, much as Conservative was corrupted to equal racist.

The purpose of this missive is obvious. A liberal is outraged beyond description by Sarah Palin describing herself as a Feminist.

The reason this Liberal is outraged, is that Sarah Palin is against Abortion. You see, to the Liberals, Feminism equals Abortions, more abortions means more Feminist equality.

Feminism could be better described as Freedom. Freedom to make up your own mind. If you women wish to be Pilots, Astronauts, Scientists, Doctors, Lawyers, Businesswomen, or whatever other job under the sun, you should be granted equal access to the opportunity. That is freedom, freedom to achieve all that is possible based upon your skills and talents.

Freedom to enter politics, be elected if the electorate decides you are the best qualified candidate. All regardless of your gender.

As an aside, I was in the Army when Bill Clinton was elected President. One of the discussions that people had constantly in the Army was what we were going to do if they put women in the unit I was in, Male only Combat arms, or allowed Homosexuals to serve.

My answer was a little different than most of my peers. I said that I didn't give a damn if someone was gay, and further if a Woman could do what I did. March twelve miles under three hours with a full pack, carry a picket pounder and drive pickets into the ground. Carry heavy weights, and do the other physical activities that were absolutely required for a Combat Engineer, then that woman didn't deserve a shot, she'd earned it. I say that because in my experience, roughly ten percent of the men could do all that I'm talking about.

The definition in my mind of elite, means the cream of the crop, the best of the best. If a woman can qualify for that, then she should be accepted into that unit. If the individual, male or female can't do those things, then they have no business being in that unit.

So why does Sarah Palin so upset the Liberals? Because she is a woman, who achieved on her own, great things. She's inspirational to many other conservative women, who want to accomplish great things. They want to do so without the blessings of the National Organization for Women, or without genuflecting at the alter of Lesbianism and Abortion.

That Feminism is returning to it's roots, where equality and opportunity were the purpose of it, is obviously very troubling to Radicals who hope to continue to corrupt the movement to the forwarding of Lesbian and Transgender issues. If you have any doubt, then merely look at the National Organization for Women's action pages. Roughly half of the articles are on topics that would be questionable for Women's equality issues. As an example, just how the Arizona law that instructs police to enforce applicable Federal Law, as authorized in that Federal Law, will affect Women's equality is questionable.

Why the same NOW gang doesn't seem the least bit concerned about situations in and out of this nation that truly subjugates women is very interesting isn't it?


Blogger Josh Painter said...

Your statement, "In other words, if you go to a Catholic Church, only the Catholics will be saved when Judgement comes." is not true.

As one who recently converted to the Catholic faith, I was required to undergo eight fairly intensive months of instruction, prayer and self-examination. So I can speak with some degree of authority on this.

The Catholic Church believes and teaches that Christ Jesus died for ALL our sins, whether we be Catholic, Protestant or Jew.

Whether one will be saved or not is between that person and God, and it is based on what kind of life that person lived on Earth, not upon the denomination of the sinner.

What the Catholic Church tries to teach is how best to live that life, but it does not claim that only Catholics are capable of living it.

- JP

12:15 PM  

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