Monday, May 31, 2010

Newsweek, determined to be marginal

Newsweek is back with a continuing greatest miss article, and you have to honestly wonder, do they bother to even think for a minute about what they write before they publish it?

That aside, this next missive makes you wonder who is researching the stories that they write? The story goes like this. A flotilla, which is defined as a collection of ships operating together, attempted to run the declared blockade into Gaza. This flotilla consisted of six ships. The Israeli Army sent in troops armed with (Get this) paint ball guns to search the ships to insure that no weapons or dangerous items were included with the flotilla.

The search of five ships went off without a hitch, and they were permitted to continue their journey. Ship number six however, found the "humanitarian aide workers" armed with baseball bats, iron pipes, iron clubs, slingshots, and other improvised weapons. These workers attacked the troops literally before they could board the ship. Remember, that these were peaceful people, which is why the Israeli Army armed their people with Paintball guns, which sting, but don't injure anyone. They did give the troops sidearms, pistols, to be used only if their lives were under threat.

Hot Air has information here, and here. Including links to news articles, and including videos of the attempted boarding and the "Peaceful" humanitarians that were just minding their own business according to Newsweek. (Shouldn't we start calling it Newsweak in the interest of accuracy?)

As you can see, the peaceful humanitarians are quite busy attacking the essentially unarmed soldiers. Finally, after the troops start to realize that these are not really peaceful humanitarians, which takes a couple being tossed over the side of the top deck, to land on the steel decking some twenty or more feet below, and another couple being stabbed, the troops draw weapons and fire on the threats to their lives and safety. I should note that according to reports, and it seems reasonable as in the video you can clearly see the peaceful humanitarians stripping equipment off the troops as they're being thrown below, the peaceful humanitarians were firing captured pistols at the soldiers.

This wasn't a massacre, nor was it a demonstration of Israeli trigger happy troops. It demonstrated that if anything, you can never assume that so called peaceful protesters are going to remain peaceful. If anything, it shows the wisdom of arming boarding teams with live fire weapons. Paintballs may sting, but they aren't going to intimidate anyone into compliance.

What is even more amazing, is that during a holiday weekend, the UN quickly summoned the Security Council, and started to debate what action should be taken against Israel. Yet, it's been more than a month since North Korea sunk a South Korean naval vessel via torpedo attack, and the Security Council has yet to even hear that this event has taken place, much less meet to discuss what actions the UN should take.

Since I've seen the videos, I have to say that not only were the soldiers justified in using lethal force, but I question their commanders for sending them in with Paintball guns in the first place.

I'm going to leave you with this final video, in the end, the woman says that the voyage will end with their joyous arrival in one of two places. Gaza, or Martyrdom.


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