Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Ponzi Scheme of Socialism

Former President Bill Clinton said that all we need to close the Deficit is more immigrants and a Value Added Tax.

This is almost true, as far as it goes towards identifying the problem we face. We are stuck in a Ponzi Scheme.

If you consider the situation, you are forced to admit that it is a Ponzi Scheme. The Government convinces you that several people will pay, and you personally will benefit. It is that exact system that defines a Pyramid or Ponzi Scheme.

So President Clinton is telling the truth. The Pyramid is ready to topple due to an absence of new paying people to the system. The system requires many new people paying to keep the increasing numbers of payees paid.

If you can't substantially increase the numbers of people paying, you have to increase what they pay.

The inevitable result is this. The Pyramid will fall, and all those currently being paid, who have come to depend on that payment, will suffer the most.

I apologise for the naked links, but I posted this mobile and wasn't able to clothe them inside the link references.


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