Saturday, October 31, 2009

Conservative idea's work.

What is with the Republican Party, and the Republican first folks. It's like they have their heads shoved up a certain smelly part of their anatomies.

HotAir, one of my favorite sites, has a blogger named AllahPundit. Allah is a Republican First, tone down the Conservative Rhetoric kind of guy. He's one of those who would easily support McCain, and Republicans like that. He supports Republicans, because they're more moderate than Democrats. Allah likes to make this one mistake though. He thinks other people are just like him. I don't. I think people are either ill informed, or haven't considered the issues if they don't, generally speaking, think along the lines of Conservative principals.

The reason I say this? I've spoken to hundreds, perhaps even a thousand people. In nearly every single situation, I've been able to sway the opinions of the people. By pointing out the lack of logic, and the lack of honesty inherent in the "liberal" or Democratic position. That by the way is only one guy who is chatting people up here and there. People instinctively want to follow the Conservative idea's, and once you get past the all conservatives are racist hate filled evil people nonsense, you get to the point of discussing the issue logically.

What do I do about the Racist hate filled demagoguery? Simple, I point out the Conservatives who are not white. I point out that every single one of them achieved their position through, hard work and education. I point out that President Obama achieved his position through hard work and education. Then I ask why Michelle Obama would tell people in the "hood" not to do what she had done, that is get an education that gives you greater odds of success? Don't become a corporate lawyer she said.

Interesting isn't it? That Michelle as a Corporate Lawyer made six figures a year, and then tells people not to go into the line of work she did?

Why not point to those who have succeeded through hard work and education, and inspire children to emulate them? What's wrong with offering kids the chance to become Astronauts?

To become one, they'll need lots of Math classes, science classes, and good marks in school. Going through pilot training at one of the military branches would held tremendously. Inspire the people, show them what hard work and education can get you. Show them what they can accomplish, if they have the God given talent, and work incredibly hard.

This is a conservative principal, that anyone can accomplish anything, regardless of race, creed, color, religion, or gender. Only Liberals tell you that it's impossible, or nearly impossible, so don't bother trying.

Conservatives celebrate the accomplishments of people, Liberals deride those accomplishments.

Look at the NASA page for the Astronauts, pick a few to read. You'll notice something. They've all got high educational degrees, Most have Master's degrees, and a few have Doctoral Degrees. A vast majority of them are fairly highly ranked from the Military, and all of them are in excellent physical condition. Now, why not inspire your children to reach for the stars? Why not tell the kids that this is possible, but the path is astoundingly difficult, and achievable for a very elite few who work for years to get there?

I can defend Conservative ideas. I can't defend Socialist ideas, because they're morally and logically bankrupt. They tell people that achievement is impossible, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary. This is why I'm an unapologetic Conservative, and why I'm starting to grow annoyed with the Newt Gingrich/AllahPundit/GOP leadership. They would rather apologize for Conservatives, instead of explaining why Conservative principals are superior. They would rather tell the Conservatives to abandon their principals, in favor of the more moderate, unenlightened, easier path of pandering to the uninformed.

Educate them, walk the people through the truth, and then stand back, and let them learn more.

We can't educate the entire country, but I honestly believe we can educate more than 60% of the nation, perhaps even 70% of the nation. Let's do that. Let's tell people why we're conservative, and give the moderate pander masters above the choice. Join us, and bring the GOP with you, or abandon politics, and take the GOP with you.

The Republican Party was formed out of the ashes of the Whigs. We can form the Conservative Party out of the ashes of the Republicans too.


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