Friday, October 23, 2009

Punish the rich, a very bad populist idea

What made Ronald Reagan unique among Conservatives was his ability to teach us why he believed what he did. It's a trait that is absent in so many of our current Republicans that I wonder if they know what they believe.

You see, if you believe in something, God for example, you'll have no problem telling someone why you believe in God. I believe, because the nature of the Universe screams that God exists. I could go into more detail, but it isn't really germain to this discussion.

Punish the rich we hear all the time. Force them to pay higher taxes, punish them for stealing money from us. Pfui.

What do the Rich do for us the moronic populists scream. Well, they buy things, like Jet Airplanes from Gulfstream. When they don't have money, they don't buy things, like Gulfstream jets. Before you snort and demand to know why they need a jet. I'll offer this, so they can come to your work place half a country away, and figure out how to make the factory, store, or distribution plant more profitable. Or for meetings, or just for vacation getaways. The point is this. It's their money, and they can spend it how they want, if they have it.

Let's talk about those jets for a moment. Those pretty Gulfstreams that we see now and then zipping across the sky, or at airports. Gulfstream makes a darned good jet, arguably one of the best you can buy. People work on those airplanes, making them in the first place, and servicing them, and even flying them. They get paid good money to do so. Just about everyone involved is a union employee.

When the rich aren't buying airplanes, those people employed in building them, are out of a job.

Well, that's too bad right? Sure, 1200 good people are unemployed, but millions all over are, and that is the economy the rich got us into right? WRONG. It's the economy that Washington DC got us into. The FED and the Tresury wanted more power, and they got it, by scaring the people into the recession, and now depression we're in. However, the question of how we got her can be argued later. For now, let's talk aobut how to get out of it.

Ronald Reagan argued, properly, that economy improves when money is in motion. In other words, if the Rich are buying airplanes, then people get hired to build airplanes. Those people buy cars, furniture, TV's etc. All of which has to be manufactured, transported by truckers, who have to be hired to drive it, and salesmen at the store who sell it. So those 1200 employees who were laid off, aren't buying Furniture, Cars, or anything else. Now, the car makers are losing money, and guess what, they're laying people off too.

We've heard how trickle down economics doesn't work. Apparently, Trickle down recession does.

We've all seen it, every community has been hit by it, and it's trickled down and continues to trickle down with each week's unexpectedly high unemployment numbers. Every week we hear how unexpected it is that there are more unemployed.

Why unexpected? Did you think that someone else would buy that Gulfstream Jet? Did you imagine that someone else would need cars? Who? So we watch the experts utterly surprised every week when the numbers are unexpectedly high. You may expect them to go down, I expect them to go up.

You can read a million people's opinion on why Reagan was wrong. You can see for yourself, in your community, that he was dead bang right. So why aren't the Republicans educating the people, the way Reagan did. Explaining, and showing them the truth would go a long way to realistically being able to deal with the problem. Instead, we are fed this populist tripe about the rich needing to pay their fair share.

All of us who are laid off, really appreciate that approach. It means we won't have to worry about our jobs, because even more of us will be unemployed next week. I bet it's just a big of a surprise as the last years worth of surprises.


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