Thursday, October 08, 2009

Long time, no blog

For many months, I haven't been blogging. There are a number of reasons, personal and professional, which I won't bore you with here.

What I will say is, I wanted to blog about this subject, Guns. Mayor Bloomberg of NYC is hoping to close the "Gun Show Loophole" with his investigative report. His argument is like this. Roughly 30% of the firearms acquired by criminals are gotten through private person to private person transfer, the so called loophole, and thus we must close this loophole.

Mr. Mayor, forgive me, but that is the lamest argument that I've ever heard. Let's be honest for a moment shall we? Criminals rarely consider the law, which is why we call them criminals. By your own statements, at least 70% of the criminals who get their hands on guns, aren't doing so by this loophole. Obviously, this loophole is a major problem, because then 100% of the guns that criminals get would be via the other means, stolen, black market, etc.

This however is a great example of how Government always loves the plan that doesn't work. Let's see how other restrictions and bans have worked. Drugs, illegal, are they still redily available? You bet. We restricted the sale of psudophed in an effort to curb the production of Crystal Meth. The result? According to the DEA, a 518% increase in Meth production. Yes, it increased five fold thanks to the ban limiting access to the vital chemicals.

So we arrest grandmothers who have a husband and daughter get ill about the same time, but we haven't done much to reduce or eliminate Meth production. I bet granny learned not to flaunt the law. How about those meth dealers though, have they learned? Yes, they have. They've learned to get their drugs from Mexico, and they've learned to avoid law enforcement traps. We catch grandma, but we don't catch the criminals.

The reason is simple. We don't punish law breakers when we catch them. If we were serious about some of these laws, we'd attach the death penalty to possession of, or distribution of, many of the drugs. Let's face it, a dead guy can't sell the drugs. We aren't serious though, because we keep restricting those of us who use it legally, but ignoring those who don't.

Perhaps I'll start blogging more frequently again, but this couldn't be passed up. Mr. Mayor, bust the people who break the law, and leave the rest of us alone.



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