Friday, October 16, 2009

Perhaps we should become more like Europe.

I have long scoffed at the idea of becoming more like Europe. I have long derided those who think we should do just that. However, I may have been wrong, and I may have to reconsider.

What event you might ask, has made me want to reconsider my position on Europe being essentially socialist and far less free? The answer is this. Stockholm Sweeden is burning Bunnies to generate heat for the population.

Now, I for one have eaten rabbit, and I found it to be rather tasty. I've never considered merely burning the rabbits to generate heat though. It's not a dirty old petrolium product, and they certainly reproduce faster than trees do. Apparently I haven't considered this, but Sweeden may be on to something here. The perfect energy source. Rabbits breeding as they do. The old phrase like rabbits comes to mind. We could easily establish some areas for them to do just that, local parks and similar areas comes readily to mind. Talk about your renewable energy source. It almost boggles the imagination with the possibilities doesn't it?

Of course, it does also turn the stomach, and evoke a visceral response of Ewww.

Well Liberals, is this a practice of Europe's that we should emulate? Perhaps this is how they help pay for that universal health care they "enjoy". Perhaps this is how they establish compliance with that Kyoto thing. Burning rabbits to generate heat. A renewable energy source I'd rather not become familiar with.

Sweeds, check this out mate. You can eat the rabbit. They are very good to eat. I am not opposed to hunting, I just think you're supposed to eat what you kill. Not merely burn it for warmth.


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