Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nutroots out in force with Palin Conspiracies

My friends on the left. Please don't forget to take your medication. It's important, and frankly, will save you embarrassment later. My mistake, the left is never embarrassed about their behavior. My Bad.

Today's conspiracy theory is a whopper. In April, Governor Palin gave Birth to a baby with Downs Syndrome. This birth defect is a fairly normal risk associated with older women giving birth. Our friends at the Democratic Underground, Daily Kos, and other sites which live for the conspiracy theory. As you can see the Mainstream media is picking up on the story, and running with it.

I've seen this before, when the liberals are outraged, nothing is beneith them. No slander is too outragous, no insult is off limits. Racisim is the norm when the Liberals are attacking a conservative. Sexism is completely acceptable, when the Liberals attack.

The conspiracy theory goes like this. Sarah Palin was pregnant at the same time that her daughter had Mono. Mono is also known as the Kissing disease, which means that we suspect that Bristol was a normal teenaged girl, and was kissing someone. Now that wouldn't be scandalous for anyone else, but give the Liberals a breath of normal air, and they'll run like the wind. According to the theories, Bristol was really the one pregnant, and Sarah faked being pregnant while Bristol was at home with Mono. Now, this is the best part, she did this to save herself the embarassment of having a pregnant daughter. Apparently it's the 1950's all over again, and we're supposed to send our daughters to a home for unwed mothers.

Guys, it's the 21st Century, and pregnant girls are pretty normal anymore. The American average linked above is something like 53 girls out of 1000 teenaged girls. So the scandal of having a pregant daughter would have been minimal. Easily handled. "Guys, my Daughter is pregant, and we're anxiously awaiting the delivery of my first Grandchild. I love my daughter, and will always stand behind her and support her. A loving parent can do no less."

Instead the fallout from the senario is outragous. If Sarah Palin did what she's accused of by the left wing hate machine. Then we're supposed to believe that Conservatives view the world as if it's not 1950, but 1850. Hello, let me explain something Libs. A vast majority of Conservatives understand that things happen. Sometimes, teenagers act irresponsibly, and we adults have a choice, we can act responsibly, and having lain a groundwork of love and trust and understanding as well as guidance, we can trust our children to tell us when they've made a mistake, and allow us to help them. I don't know the Governor, don't know too much about her. However, I think we can safely say that she is not a jackass of that proportion.

Liberals, you are sounding weak with your arguments this weekend. I understand the problem, you don't have talking points yet, so you're grasping at straws. Right now, the focus groups are working overtime, and hoping to find something that sticks. This isn't even a good attempt though guys, this is insulting, and this is absolutely asinine. It's the weakest attack you've come up with in a very long time.

If you believe in the ideals you profess to, then you've got to address the issues. The issue isn't her children, when they were born, if they were conceived before or after she was married. The issue is energy, why don't we have any? The issue is prosperity for the population, why do you think that can be acheived with higher taxes? The issue is fiscal responsiblity, which means you don't spend more than you get. The issues are plain, and obvious. The War in Iraq is going pretty good right now, so we don't hear about how awful it is anymore. Apparently the Focus Groups finally got through to the Libs that the war isn't a great issue to run on.

My friends, we're supposed to look beyond the color, the sex, the sexual preference, and the religious preference to find the real person inside. That is what Doctor King told us was his dream. That is what the Liberals profess to care about, yet when a Conservative actually does that, the Liberals immediatly go for the sterotypical responses and attack the race, gender, and religious preference.

Liberals, if you don't stop this implosion, you're going to lose this election, and we'll be stuck with President McCain.

Personally, so far from what I've heard, I like Sarah Palin, and if I didn't have to vote for McCain, I would happily support her. Unfortunately the catch is she's the running mate of the Anti-Conservative McCain, which means the pill remains too bitter to swallow.

Liberals, I'll leave this post at this. I hope you're back on your game after the weekend, because this is really embarrassing.

Update: Turns out the daughter is actually pregnant as well. She's five months pregnant, and unless you believe the due date is a lie as well, this weekends demonstration of nutroot conspiracy theory mongering was proof of one thing. They're aptly named as nutroots.

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