Friday, February 22, 2008

McCain about to run afoul of McCain Feingold

John McCain, the Media endorsed candidate for the Republican Party is truly screwed now. As you can see from the Hot Air piece, it seems that last year, John McCain, Maverick of the Senate applied for Federal matching funds, thus setting himself up to abide by the spending limits of his own law, the notorious McCain Feingold campaign finance law.

According to that law, McCain can only spend $54 Million during the "Primaries" which is defined as the period prior to accepting the nomination of the party. The convention where McCain can accept the nomination is in September. Which is sixty days prior to the general election, which means he can't run any negative advertisements about his opponents. So Maverick John McCain has already spent $49 Million, leaving him about five million left to spend between now and September. He might be able to cover rent on all his campaign offices, but that's about it. McCain's travel for his campaign is probably going to be Greyhound.

Karma is a mother isn't it Senator McCain? I'm laughing my self silly right now, because you've
run into the very thing we've been telling you was a problem. I'll predict now that no matter who the Democrats nominate, they'll win in a landslide election. McCain isn't going to get any favorable press, the NY Times has already turned on him and bitten the hand that stroked them for so long.

Adios Maverick, while I might grit my teeth at the very notion of the President of the United States being a Hussein, at least I know you're campaign is essentially dead in the water. Perhaps I'll donate some money to Hillary. She's about as conservative as McCain, and if we can convince our enemies to mock Chelsea she'll probably lose it and bomb them into the stone age.


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