Saturday, August 02, 2008

McCain Hypocracy on Obama's oil flip

The most recent flip of Presidential Candidate Obama is that we should allow limited offshore drilling for oil. Hot Air has a write up from the Cheerleader in Chief Captain Ed. For Ed, there is little that McCain can do wrong. For an honest Conservative, there is little McCain has ever done right. 

So the claim is that Obama flipped, and that means he's untrustworthy on the issue. Guys, you have some bad news coming. McCain has flipped on this issue so often you would think he was an acrobat on a trampoline. I'm serious. The Democratic Party of North Carolina has the quotes, and I'll go ahead and link to them. I tried to search for a Conservative list of McCain's flip flops on the issue of domestic drilling, but I can't seem to find one. Apparently the Conservatives are performing the Pull and Pray technique regarding McCain and his Conservative ideals. 

Pull and pray isn't a good means of birth control, and it's not a good means of electing a President. 

McCain has held every position imaginable on Oil Company drilling over the last twenty years. He's gone from one extreme to another. He's made promises, and then broken them constantly. John McCain, the hypocritical choice for Conservatives. 

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