Wednesday, January 30, 2008

No, I'm not supporting McCain

The question from the moderates and the press is simple. "Now will you support John McCain, the only electable Presidential Candidate on the Republican side?"

No. I won't. I won't vote for him next week on super Tuesday. I won't vote for him in November. I'd vote for Ralph Nader before I voted for McCain.

"Wait Mr. Conservative, you're supposed to oppose Hillary." Hey, I know what conservative is, and I know what conservative isn't. If I'm going to have a Liberal in the White House, I'd rather have one I can blame and oppose with the Republicans than have to scream at Congress for the next four years to get them back on the Conservative track. If a Liberal is going to destroy it, let that liberal be a Democrat.

John McCain is a conservative. No he isn't. A conservative doesn't vote for tax increases. McCain did. A Conservative doesn't vote to limit free speech, McCain pushed the legislation and put his name on it. McCain Feingold. A Conservative doesn't push for Amnesty, McCain pushed for just that.

I could go on an on. The Liberals and Democrats are picking the Republicans Candidate at the moment. If he's my choice, I'm writing in someone, or voting for a third party candidate. I wonder who the Libertarians have this year?



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