Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Was it a good day Mr. President?

The next installment of the perpetual bad spending act, also known as the Crap Sandwich 5.0 passed the House of Representatives. Interestingly enough, the Republicans to a representative, voted no

So the bad bill, which is nothing more than a plethora of political payoff's to the far left wing supporters of the Democrats. There is literally nothing there for the average guy. 

$5.2 Billion to ACORN, the often investigated and prosecuted for Voter Fraud group that President Obama has no association with, other than his working with them, and for them. 

The charges of partisan political payback appear to be resonating in part due to Obama’s longstanding association with partisan get-out-the-vote operations. He was endorsed by ACORN, and during the campaign paid an ACORN affiliate $832,600 to get-out-the-vote assistance. Early in his career, he led a voter drive for an ACORN-affiliated group called Project Vote.

It’s not the first time ACORN has been entangled in a bailout controversy. In September, House Republicans objected that the original $700 billion bailout package included $100 million for ACORN – a tiny fraction of the sums for ACORN now being considered in the stimulus package.

The Republicans did something right, so I have to assume that President Obama isn't happy about the inability of the President to claim that the horrible spending bill that wastes tons of money on payback for the election. 

Then on the Global Warming front, Former Vice President Al Gore, who has demonstrated that he is completely out of touch with reality, testified about Global Warming on a day that a vicious ice storm lashed Washington DC. Seriously

Mr. President, this may be a good day, your plan passed the House of Representatives. It's not a good day, because now, the Democrats own this Recession, and the nonsense payoffs in your plan won't do a thing to stop the Recession, in fact, they will help force it into a full blown official Depression. You won't be able to blame the Republicans, or Conservatives. It's all yours. 

Instead of paying off your political chits, you should have considered this little fact. Our Corporate Tax Rate is 35%. That is the highest of any industrialized nation. That corporate tax rate is in fact, a tariff on American Business's. They have to charge 35% more than the competition, in order to pay your tax. It's yours now Mr. President, because you didn't lift a finger to stimulate the economy. You didn't do anything to level the playing field. Instead, you saddled our great grandchildren's great grandchildren with this boondoggle. 

The Economy is going to be your quagmire Mr. President. Well, one of them. I predicted this as many of you may remember. I'm really enjoying the show, I've had a big smile on my face for weeks now. 

Hey, here's a campaign slogan for Sarah Palin or whoever the Republicans Nominate. "It's time for the Grownups to be in charge." 

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