Friday, December 12, 2008

Time for a little truth on Card Checks.

The UAW is mighty pissed at the Republicans, and especially Republican Senator Corker after the Bridge to Nowhere bailout bill for the Big three failed to pass the Senate. 

UAW President Ron Gettelfinger is out to demonize Sen. Bob Corker after the Republican senator played in instrumental role in blocking the $14 billion bailout for automakers last night.
One of the sticking points, was the announced and proclaimed plan to institute Card Check elections instead of secret ballots, which we all know is the standard for a fair and true election.

In short, Card Checks mean that the strong arm tactics of yesteryear, the bad old days of the extremely corrupt Unions, instead of the moderately corrupt unions of today, are back. Here's the scene. Two or three people corner you, and tell you that you need to sign the card to show your solidarity with the brothers in the Union. Hello, this intimidation works on some, and when it made the rounds of a place I worked at, it didn't work on me. Not because I'm a hero or anything stupid like that. Because I knew the wannabe tough guys, and knew they were playing the part, they weren't stupid enough to try and do anything for real, they were being watched by Management all ready, anything happened, and they would be blamed. They would be guilty until proven innocent, and they knew that. 

Ok, as I've said before, I'm also a former Soldier, and Paratrooper, and frankly, I'm not scared by wannabe tough guys. That aside, the idea of violence didn't really spend much time in my head, I honestly didn't see it going that far. However, many people who were not in favor of the union, did sign the cards indicating support for it. They did so to get along, go along, and to end the intimidation that made life uncomfortable. Most people don't want to stand out of the crowd, and tell a group of people that they disagree with them. The Card check is nothing more than Racketeering. It uses intimidation and pressure to get the people in line, and in the bad old days was backed up by literal enforcers, who would throw a beating on someone who stepped out of line with the Unions. Those days while they're more or less gone, threaten to return, with the embracement of Card Check organizing by the Democrats. 

The Unions are obsolete, much like most of what comes out of Congress these days, obsolete rhetoric and wastefulness. The only reason that the Unions want the Card Check, is because they keep losing the secret ballot elections. So much like the Democrats, they can't win honestly, and fairly, so they now want legislation allowing them to intimidate people into joining the unions. This is not the change I hoped for, how about you? 


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