Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Auto Bailout: AKA Crap Sandwich 3.0

Representative Boenher called the Wall Street bailout that ended up costing us the taxpayer $850 Billion a crap sandwich. The second version that passed, well that was Crap Sandwich 2.0 so the auto bailout would be Crap Sandwich 3.0 right?

Now, let me get this straight. The costs of doing business in the United States and the costs of the Unions are making it almost twice as expensive for a company, any company, to produce a product. Then the overpaid Union thugs are telling us that we have to do this, or the economy will fall. Tell me why a bunch of people making $14 to $20 an hour should cough up free money to people making $73 an hour

From the NY Times article. 

The $73-an-hour figure comes from the car companies themselves. As part of their public relations strategy during labor negotiations, the companies put out various charts and reports explaining what they paid their workers. Wall Street analysts have done similar calculations.

The calculations show, accurately enough, that for every hour a unionized worker puts in, one of the Big Three really does spend about $73 on compensation. So the number isn’t made up. But it is the combination of three very different categories.

So tell me why the Union is a good thing for Americans? The reason that Obama has come out in support of using intimidation and strong arm tactics to scare people into signing a card for card check union elections? 

Unions cause the companies to spend additional money, money they don't have, and now the Government is going to bail out not the companies, but the Unions. 

I support the Workers, but I don't support the unions. I would demand that the Unions disband in order that we can better address the needs of the workers.

I've written my Senators, and my Representative. I've told them to vote no on the Union Bailout. Just say no to the support of thugs with Union Labels. 


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