Thursday, December 11, 2008

Auto Bailout dies in the Senate.

Thankfully, enough Republicans appear to have decided that bailing out the UAW was a bad deal, and they managed to keep the bailout bill from coming to a vote

Conservatives around the net are all breathing a sigh of relief at this moment. The idea of creating a Car Czar is insane. The position of Car Czar that Washington wanted to create already exists. It's called a Bankruptcy Judge, and get this, he already has the power to do everything the Big 3 Automakers said they needed. 

So long Big Three, here's the deal. Go to the court, file for Bankruptcy, and get this, you can talk the Judge into giving you all the restructuring support you need. In fact, your desire to streamline your dealers? Guess what, that can happen, but only in the Bankruptcy Court, the Car Czar never would have had that kind of Authority. 

Now, the other big news is the Senate Seat in Illinois that previously belonged to B. Hussein Obama, the President Elect. Apparently, Governor Blagojavichadude (The big reason I haven't blogged about this guy is his name is unpronounceable by humans, and should have been shortened to something far cooler a long time ago.) Governor B of Illinois apparently was inspired by the Palin put the plane on eBay story, and essentially offered the Senate Seat along the same manner. Now, he didn't put it on eBay, but he was essentially trying to auction it off. Of course, despite tons of recordings of his demanding good deals for the seat, he swears he's innocent. Innocent by what standard? You may not have kidnapped the Lindberg Baby, but let's be honest here B, you are a typical Chicago Politician who's continued the long line of Illinois Governors who are corrupt and caught. 

Apparently, if Washington is all hot and bothered to appoint someone Czar, they should appoint a Czar of Illinois, so we can finally have some faith that someone there isn't corrupt as hell. 


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