Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bad News For President Obama

It's official. It's in the Newspaper of Record, President Obama now has the United States stuck in a quagmire, and it's not Iraq. Can you believe that's in the New York Times? Not Fox News, but the New York Times?


Fearing Another Quagmire in Afghanistan

It gets worse for President Obama. The far left wing kooks that he hoped he placated when he announced he was shutting down Club Gitmo are outraged and sickened, by the deaths of innocents. 

Worse yet, President Obama's friend Afghani President Karzai blames President Obama for sixteen deaths resulting from a bombing by US Forces. 

This Democrats is the problem. The left wing loonies that you consider your base. That includes the Kos Kids, those wacky Nutroots that control the Democratic Party. You created these monsters, by feeding their paranoia to shore up support for the last twenty years, now you have the nuts to deal with. 

Personally I think this is hilarious. On a thread about Richard Holbrooke of the Balkan Peace Plan, the one that still has US Forces in the region a decade after the peace was announced. The one that hasn't quite taken effect, but we hope it will someday. Back to the thread about him. The big question from the left is will Obama lift the ban on photographing or videotaping the caskets bringing our dead home

Mr. President, I believe your nutroots supporters are liable to come after you. Remember that your fellow Democrat Senator Lieberman was defeated in his primary by the Democrats we're talking about. 


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