Friday, January 23, 2009

New President, same old Liberals.

The Liberal world is outraged that Rush Limbaugh hasn't had the good grace to shrivel up and die or commit suicide after Obama's election. The same people who who rang in the start of President Bush's time in the White House with "He's Not My President." Now complain that Limbaugh want's President Obama to fail, and that's horrible. Limbaugh should be driven off the radio, and should not be on Armed Forces Radio. In spite of the troops having spoken in many polls about who they want to hear, Limbaugh is number one on those polls by the way. 

As you can see in that video clip, Rush would like to see President Obama succeed, if he implements Conservative Principals. That would be success for America. Instead of the Socialist Policies historically demonstrated to fail. If President Obama succeeds in implementing those Socialist Policies, then America fails as a result. 

If you also bothered to watch the clip, Limbaugh also says that President Obama is "My President." 

No where in history can you find a successful use of Socialism. The Chinese are moving away from it. The Soviet's fell because of it. Cuba is stuck in the 1950's because of it. Anywhere Socialism is tried, it fails for the people it supposedly serves. If President Obama is successful in his and the Liberals stated objective of inflicting Socialist Policy on the people, then the nation fails. 

So Liberals, let me ask you this question. Is President Obama now larger, more important than the nation? It used to be said that the Office of the Presidency was larger than the person who held it. Now, is the person bigger than the entire nation that the office oversees?

Personally, I believe that President Obama is going to be successful in inflicting the socialist agenda on the people. I believe that taxes are going to skyrocket, and I believe that unemployment will reach double digits. I believe that President Obama and the Liberals will come after guns, and inflict the Cap and Trade nonsense to stop Non Existent man  made Global Warming in the midst of Naturally induced Global Cooling. 

Personally, I can say that I wish that all that wouldn't happen, because all of that is bad for the country, bad for the people, and will lead to tens of thousands of dead people, mostly poor and elderly. The Liberals feel that dead elderly and poor represent great compassion. 


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