Saturday, January 10, 2009

Liberals, turn off that computer, get off the net, and save the world.

In the Research we could have lived happily without, a researcher who is hoping to fool all of you into signing up for his "green internet hosting" has now determined without any actual data from Google, that two google searches increases your carbon footprint dramatically. It uses as much electricity, and produces as much CO2 as boiling a kettle of water to make your tea

I must insist that all liberals who claim to believe in Man Made Global Warming, no matter what the politically correct term is this week. (I think it's Human Activity Induced Global Climate Change) You must show you love the earth and immediately get off the internet. Turn out those lights for the love of Mother Earth. Do you have any idea how awful you're hurting her?

Seriously. Friends let's take a moment here and be honest. The record cold temperatures that are making headlines all over the world are a result of a prolonged period of solar inactivity. The warming trend before that was from a prolonged period of solar activity. You see, that big bright thing up in the sky is really really hot. It's freaking amazingly hot. We're talking hotter than downtown Las Vegas in the summertime. It is a very short distance away, it's only about eight light minutes from where we are right this moment. Now, that may sound like a lot, but when you consider that the nearest other star is light years, not months, years away, that puts things into perspective don't you think?

Libs. Stop trying to scare people into buying your service, and quit trying to tell me that simply by breathing, I can destroy the earth. That's asinine. The fact that six hundred and fifty scientists just signed a letter saying you all are nuttier than a fruit cake in May should give you an idea. 


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