Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Legislating Acceptable Morality

In this LA Times piece, you can read about the efforts of the Bush Administration to place the Medical Staff's morality into a legally protected category. The Lefties are all upset, and interestingly so, since they applaud the AMA proscribing Medical Personnel from participating in Executions, which are authorized in black and white in the Constitution. In California, they have even tried to make it a crime for a Medical Person to participate in an Execution.

So apparently, it is perfectly acceptable to legislate penalties for one legal process, but unacceptable to give Doctors a choice when it comes to choice.

Friends, can we be real for a moment? Those who argue that capital punishment which is covered in the Constituion is somehow wrong while Abortion which is not mentioned is somehow sacred and no one may object is asinine.

Whenever you look at Liberalism you find blatent hypocracy. If a Doctor is comfortable participating in an execution, let him or her. The Execution of a convicted criminal has been reviewed and considered over years by many Judges and others empowered to do so. Who reviews the sentance of death for the Fetus? What crime was it convicted of?

So some Doctors and other medical personnel are uncomfortable with that procedure. Now you are telling me we should punish Doctors who have a Moral Objection to a procedure that is supposedly hidden in the gray area at the edge of the shadow of the constitution, but we should punish those same Doctors who assist in a procedure that is clearly authorized by the Constitution?

Please look at this, and read what the Founders had to say about Capital Punishment. If due process of law was followed, it is Constitutioal.


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