Monday, December 01, 2008

Posse Comitatus

Imagine my surprise after posting my last entry on differences between the Military and the Police, when Monday brought this gem.

The military is prohibited from conducting Police type activity in the United States. It's called the Posse Comitatus Act.

Now after reading the full story at the Washington Post, I fully expected to find the Liberals all up in arms over this. A few were, most were hopeful that they could get President Bush out of office before he used these troops to declare himself king. There are a very few who do not like the idea of anyone, including President-Elect Obama in possession of this kind of power.

I do not like this, not one bit. First if we had an armed population, we wouldn't waste the time or money on a project like this. No matter how fast the military response was, the terrorists would be dead. Dealt with by the public.

Now I also don't like the Military training to be police. This can't help the war fighting skills, that kill the enemy I posted about yesterday. In my opinion, the Military is not suited for this kind of mission.

The argument about the threat of WMD is even more questionable. The truth is that there are troops with that training standing ready now. The Military maintains units on Defensive Readiness Forces Alert. I spent months on that alert at the 82nd Airborne. You can have a unit ready to go in four hours. So exactly why would you need a full Division of Military personnel prepared for a terrorist attack?

There were ten terrorists in Mumbai India. There were less than 20 on 9-11.

We don't need a quick reaction force of military as much as we need a population empowered and authorized to defend themselves by any means at hand.

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