Thursday, November 29, 2007

CNN helps Democrats plant another operative

After CNN got busted by the various bloggers planting questions and misleading the viewers about the identity of questioners, you would think that they would have learned their lesson. After all, Drudge has more hits each day than CNN has viewers. The truth will explode if they try it again right? They wouldn't have the audacity to try and do it again right?

Well they did. Hot Air is one of those reporting the story. Just identify the guy, CNN. His question’s perfectly fair. And, apropos of nothing, Hunter’s answer is awful.

The problem is that CNN won't ever identify a Liberal as a Liberal, much less as a person whom they cherry picked from the Clinton Campaign. For some reason, we can't be honest about what we are talking about if Liberals are doing the talking. They can't tell the truth, they just won't do it.

CNN is one of those networks that refers to every conservative as an Extreme Right Wing Republican. However, they never refer to the Radical folks over at the National Association of Gals as extreme.

CNN, here is a suggestion. Now that people are watching carefully, and checking the facts, something I can only assume your writers used to do for you, why not be honest? I mean, when the General speaks, put into the print for those viewers at home he's a member of the steering committee for Kerry, and is a listed member of Senator Clinton's campaign? What harm will come of it? Isn't it better to put the facts out there on your own, instead of having them thrown up to show the people that you are even more biased than they think?

UPDATE: CNN has claimed that they didn't know the General was a part of the Clinton campaign. A link to the Youtube video. I find it hard to believe that with all the producers and all the staff that no one was assigned to punch the names into Yahoo. They flew the guy out to the Debate for a follow up, and during the discussions with him, they never asked if he was affiliated with a campaign? Hello is it me or is this sounding a little thin?


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