Monday, November 26, 2007

Tom Brokaw and his erronious ideals

In Brokaw's new book, it would appear that he joins the parade lauding the accomplishments of Gloria Steinem. While pushing the book on the radio show for Laura Ingraham and was asked why he didn't highlight the accomplishments of Phyllis Schlafly in his feminist accomplishments chapter.

In 1976, the Equal Rights Amendment was the stated position of most of the states, it was on the party platforms of both political parties, Republicans and Democrats. So in other words, it was the official position of nearly everyone. Newspapers, news shows, television personalities, and about every politician in the country was behind the Equal Rights Amendment. On the other side, you had Phyllis Schlafly, and to quote Ann Coulter, that was enough. The Equal Rights Amendment is again on the platform of the Democrats, yet it's not going anywhere, because Phyllis Schlafly shot it down once, and that was all that was needed.

It's interesting that Brokaw didn't bother to either notice, or understand this. I wonder why? Liberals always want to re-write the history of the 1960's and the 1970's. Apparently Brokaw is one of those who decide what impact and influence is. Shooting down the Equal Rights Amendment almost single handed wasn't enough of an impact.


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