Friday, November 23, 2007

President (Chairman Mao) Chavez demands obedience

In a news story, the Dictator Chavez claimed that anyone who voted against his proposed reforms would be a traitor. If the politicians refused to essentially name him President for life, they would be committing treason. Another historical first? Not hardly.

Another famous world leader held much the same pose as he directed not only his lifetime appointment as supreme leader, but demanded that the people there too read his little red book.
It seems that whenever you have a poor and uneducated population, you have a communist dictator demanding unlimited obedience to him.
Do we want to see another China, Viet-nam, Cambodia, and the normal millions dead from the Communist dream? Apparently, Chavez does.


Anonymous James said...

actually, "conservative" governments in the United States were responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths in Latin America, Mr. Max. Ronald Reagan backed right winged dictatorships in Chile, Guatemala, Haiti, El Salvador, Honduras, Bolivia, Argentina, Grenada, and Panama, for decades, just to name a few. Chrisitian Coalition leaders praised, "Efrain Rios Montt," a bloody dictator that ruled Guatemala during the 1980s that left tens of thousands dead. Just look up names of "conservative" individuals such as Jesse Helms, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and other fringe right winged people from your own country and you can certainly understand why people would sympathize with Chavez. But your own attack on Chavez, while ignoring US's imperialism, seriously weakens your thesis. The United States has invaded Latin America over 50 times and have overthrown many democratically elected leaders including Arbenz of Guatemala, Allende of Chile, Madero of Mexico, and dozens of others. So maybe you should understand your own country's meddling in Latin American affairs before you launch blanked attacks with no substance.

1:37 AM  
Blogger Max Conservative said...

The Communist governments around the world have killed literally hundreds of millions. The Soviets killed some forty million of their own citizens. The Communist Regime in Cambodia killed a million in their first year of power.

Now, the United States had made some errors, and we've learned from those mistakes, and try hard not to make those mistakes again. That's the big difference between the ideals of Democracy, and Communist thugs like Chavez. He still hasn't learned that communism doesn't work, and demands that the population be prepared to die for him.

You will find I oppose any dictatorship, right or left wing. Chavez is following in the footsteps of the great Communist leaders of the world. Stalin who killed how many millions in the purges? Mao who rounded up tens of millions in his purges. Kim of North Korea who has killed how many?

Try to oppose some of Chavez's plans, and see how quickly you are arrested. Organize a protest against any of Chavez's policies, and see how quickly you find yourself rotting in jail. I'm going to suggest that you first protest here in the US, as by the time you are let out of prison in Venezuela, you might not be able to manage the protest here.

Chavez by comparison locks up his opponents, passing a law making it a requirement that you must inform on your neighbors, even your own family, for anti-Government comments. No such law in the United States. Chavez today supports the FARC, communist thug terrorists who kidnap people for how many years? Thugs who use violence to try and intimidate the population into support?

I'll take my country, which isn't perfect, but is without a doubt certainly preferable to any of the communist dictatorships like Chavez in the world. Socialism is a lie, and once exposed, the people reject that form of Government. That's why Communist dictatorships, like China, The Soviet Union, and now Venezuela's Chavez work so hard to spy on the population.

We're told that Chavez can't be President for Life. I'm waiting for him st step down, and we'll see what happens then. I bet he finds an excuse to stay in power, while George Bush, who is called a Dictator by leftist detractors, will walk away on the 20th of January next year.

I'll take conservative Principal, because freedom is something that the human spirit desires, and freedom is prohibited under Leftist loons like Chavez.

2:47 PM  

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