Wednesday, November 28, 2007

National Organization for Women silent on womens issues.

The National Association of Gal's (NAG's) are silent when women are sentenced to 200 lashes in Saudi Arabia for being Gang Raped. No call for action, no demand for action. Nope, seems that the NAG's don't mind that punishment.

How about the British teacher in Sudan who has been charged for allowing the children to name a teddy bear? That sound you hear is the sound of silence.

What are they calling for action on? Calls to demand that Walmart carry the morning after abortion pill. Calls for Bush to fund Abortion clinics around the world, and an end to don't ask don't tell.

The National Organization for Women actually represents the interests of women about as much as the worst abusive husbands do. As long as the Abortions are being funded by the Government, the NAG's don't care about how the women love.

Tammy Bruce, a self described Gay Feminist is outraged that NOW is silent. Well, it seems that NOW is only interested in getting women abortions, other than that, they don't seem to care how they are treated. The most recent comment from NOW is that their online store reflects big savings opportunities for you to buy NOW junk for the unnamed holiday season.

NAG's, tell you what. I'll support you when you actually give a damn about any woman other than Hillary. In the mean time, I guess we'll leave it to the US Military to worry about Women's rights around the world eh?


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