Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Demand Action to stop Global Warming

I Max Conservative, am joining forces with Democracy for America, the far left wing advocacy group, and Moveon.org another far left wing group, to demand action on Global Warming.

Together, we can force those Politicians to take action on the Sun, which is putting out more radiation, and negotiate with this stellar body to reduce it's output. Only together, can we get the United Nations to negotiate on behalf of the earth and force the Sun to put out less energy, and thus, reduce Global Warming.

That is literally the answer, reduce solar output. Since the planet Mars is also warming, and Haliburton and the rest of the Oil Companies are not there, neither Oil, nor Human Activity can be the cause of Global Warming. Although, this basic Scientific idea to find the common denominator is beyond the rabid leftists, OK, any logical sensible approach is beyond the frothing at the mouth Liberals, we will instead punish people for something they can't possibly be doing.

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