Monday, March 07, 2011

Deficits matter, no matter who is in charge.

I have previously posted that the Deficits matter, even when Republicans are in office. I begin with that so the Liberals can't accuse me of being in favor of Republican Deficits, because I am not.

Like you, I spend only what I have. Like you, I don't spend money I don't have. Like you, I have to budget my expenses, based not upon what I'd like, but upon what I can afford. I'd like an Audi parked in my driveway, I have a Kia, a Toyota, and a Ford Pick Up truck parked outside. The Toyota belongs to Mrs. Conservative if you're wondering.

Now, what caused me to again break my posting hiatus? A report on the Deficit for February of this year. The picture is President Obama's Budget Proposal for Fiscal Year 2012. That's right, it's not a worker at Walmart putting products on a shelf to sell. It's not a delivery of critically needed supplies to a war torn area. It is a pallet load of a budget, which has to be delivered by a powered pallet jack.

According to that article, where you'll find that picture, the budget deficit for February 2011 was $223 Billion. Now, many people, myself included, were upset when George W. Bush posted a budget deficit of $161 Billion for the fiscal year of 2007. Yes, the Liberals were especially enraged that George Bush would dare bankrupt the country by overspending a whopping $161 Billion a year in 2007.

Now, as we browse the various Liberal sites on the web, we find silence on the record breaking deficit. Daily Kos has an article ridiculing Senator Simpson for pointing out that we're spending at unsustainable levels regarding Social Security. Just the usual Cut all funds to Republican District rants on Democratic Underground. None of those in a week by the way.

So when will we admit that this is unsustainable? We are reaching the point where the total money we owe is greater than the total money earned by all every single person in the nation.

So what are our elected leaders discussing in Washington? Cutting a whopping $61 Billion from the budget, and event that is too much for the elected folks to agree on. Cutting less than a quarter of the debt of February, the shortest month, from the entire year's budget.

The entire house is on fire, and the people in charge are discussing which tea cozy they should remove from the house.


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