Saturday, March 06, 2010

No difference between the parties.

Recently the argument has again fired up about the political system in our nation. For all intents and purposes, it is limited by tradition, and the reality of winner take all states, to a two party system, especially for Presidential Elections, but also for seats in Congress.

Yet is there really a difference between the two parties? I have long believed that there isn't a difference, and I've mentioned it many times. During a recent discussion, I think I stumbled upon a perfect example of the sameness that pervades both parties.

Both parties want bigger Government. Republicans and Democrats voted overwhelmingly to renew the PATRIOT Act. President Obama hurried to sign the re-authorization, before it should expire and die a natural death. The reason is obvious. The politicians, even those who have railed against the PATRIOT Act, are afraid of looking like they're not going to protect the nation.

Yet, there is a better example. Part of what disgusted the population during the Clinton Years was the Brady Law. The Republicans ran against it, and got both houses of Congress partially because of this abomination of a law. When Bush 43 was elected, the obvious answer existed. Repeal every bit of that freaking law immediately. Instead, they let parts of it expire, and left the rest in place. They never acted to repeal it, because they are not in favor of going against it, they're in favor of having it in place.

So why wouldn't the Republicans, who every election cycle, claim correctly I might add, that the Democrats want your guns not repeal in its entirety the Brady Law? Because the obvious answer is that the fear of losing your guns is a big enough political issue to get you donating, and to the voting booth.

They didn't repeal the law because it is a good way to get you to keep supporting them.

In 2004, the Democrats demonstrated the stupidity of running against something or someone with their campaign motto. Any Body But Bush. That was pathetically the only reason they gave you to vote for John Kerry. Surprising no one, this technique, known as the death by lack of policy, failed to inspire enough voters to achieve their goal.

So what are the Republicans doing for the midterm elections? They're running against Pelosi, Reid, and Obama. Putting out Power Point memo's on how to scare people into donating, and voting Republican.

The biggest win the Republicans had was in 1994 when the Contract With America swept the Republicans into power. Yet for some reason, no one has learned from this. That Contract was a simple document, that highlighted the frustrations of the population. It embraced them, and people who signed onto it swore that they would go with that as their guiding principals. That lasted until about ten seconds after they were elected. Then it was business as usual with bigger Government.

The answer both parties have for every supposed problem is bigger Government. So now, when the people are screaming about the out of control Deficit, and they're shouting about Government taking control of Health Care and denouncing all efforts to even lay the groundwork of that effort what do the Republicans do? Do they finally understand that most Americans really want a smaller less intrusive Government? No, they want to scare people to the polls again, and scare them into donating again, by claiming their opponents are Socialists.

So, what should we vote for? We we should vote for the Republicans because the Democrats are Socialists. Does that sound familiar? It should. It is similar to the Democrats Vote for us because Republicans want to take away your Social Security you Seniors. It's similar to the Democrats vote for us because Republicans want to take away your right to vote Blacks and Women. It's the same fear mongering that has gotten to be the only thing that the parties have to run on.

Neither party will admit to what they stand for. The Democrats are loath to admit that they do in fact have many Socialist polices that they are in favor of. The Republicans are loath to admit that they have many of the same policies, call it Socialism Lite, as evidenced by Bush's push for Prescription Drug Benefit that has cost triple what we were told it would and is in fact, going to help bankrupt the very Medicare benefit and Social Security benefit that Democrats scream Conservatives want to take away.

There is no difference between the parties. The Democrats are in a bullet train to Socialism, the Republicans are on a slower freight train to the same destination. No one actually does anything about smaller less intrusive Government anymore. They just vote to make it more intrusive and much much larger.


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