Wednesday, December 01, 2010

It's not my fault.

As any Cheating Boyfriend, Husband, Wife, or Girlfriend will tell you. You can't tell anyone you're cheating. Even if you don't, eventually, the truth will get back to the one you're cheating on. Someone will see you, and talk.

"I heard it through the Grapevine, not much longer would you be mine." Is the classic line from a true song.

Gossip is juicy, when someone is doing something wrong. What you are probably asking is what does this have to do with Conservative principals? Easy, we're on to Wikileaks.

Wikileaks is a clearing house of stolen, hacked, and otherwise sensitive documents. If they promised not to publish, if you paid them, then you could claim they were blackmailing you.

Since they just put on the internet, that which comes to them from those who stole it, the question is what crime have they really committed? Did they do the thing that the documents speak of? The cheating on your wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend? No, they weren't involved in that. Did they tell someone else to break the law? No, at most they say. "Sure give me your documents, and we'll look at them and see if they are worth publishing."

So what is going on? Everyone is running around angry at Susan, because she saw you cheating on your wife, and she told your wife and started this firestorm. Why isn't anyone angry at the State Department for abusing the diplomatic process? Why aren't they angry at you for cheating?

So the cheating boyfriend, the United States, is angry that they've been caught, and publicly humiliated by the release of these documents. Yep, the husband is humiliated that Susan caught him doing the beast with two backs on the dining room table with the babysitter.

OK, time for a history lesson. Eisenhower told America that the U2 spy plane flown by Francis Gary Powers was just an atmospheric sampling plane, not a spy plane. It was a calculated lie. He thought he could get away with it. A few weeks later, when the lie blew up in his face, he looked like a damned fool, and while the American Public thought it was pretty clever of the American Government to spy like that, still started to doubt what was being said.

So now, nobody trusts the Government, and nobody should. Anything but the time of day is almost certainly a lie, and the time is probably something you'll want to double check.

So the Americans were caught lying, cheating, and breaking the rules, and they're outraged that Susan, or Julian Assange told the world when he found out.

Something comes to mind here. Something about cleaning your own house first, before chastising the other guy.


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