Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Big Government, never a good thing.

First, the TSA, that billions of dollars boondoggle that claimed to have made air travel more secure, by restricting access to our airports, ports, and other places that the public used to travel. Yes, that TSA has been utterly defeated by a penetration of the Airport Security.

Charlotte International Airport. A sixteen year old boy snuck onto the airfield, of an international airport, and climbed into the wheel well of a Boeing 737. He was discovered in the backyard of a resident in Boston, where his body landed after it fell free of the wheel well as the airplane went in for landing.

Yes, all that security, and those billions of dollars. Those agents with their buck nekkid scanners, and feeling of everyones genitalia, utterly failed to thwart a teenaged boy with extensive experience dodging hall monitors from going anywhere he bloody well wanted on the airport. That's right, a sixteen year old kid just walked around the tarmac of the airport, and nobody noticed. Apparently all the security people were inside the airport lining up to get their chance to feel up the teenaged girls or boys, depending upon their particular fancy, that flew that day.

However, the Department of Homeland Security has not been idle. They have decided that you are their best source of information. So they've come up with an application for your iPhone. You can now get the Patriot snitch on my neighbors app. This makes your patriotic duty of informing on your neighbors who speak ill of President Obama, or the administration's efforts even easier than sending an email to flag@whitehouse.gov was. Big Brother needs you.


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